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In an era of “digital,” businesses can find an advantage by avoiding online marketing in order to make an impression via “traditional media.” 2020 businesses have realized that consumers are attracted to differences, so if you change things up just a little, you’ll grab more attention and retain the consumer’s awareness.

Below are print materials that make you stand out in an age of digital marketing:

1. Signs and Banners

The fact is that if your leads aren’t looking for your brand, you can still enter their lives by putting your business emblem in front of them. Signs and banners, though they can be passed around to your leads, give you the ability to reveal your brand’s solution when people least expect to find it.

2. Pens

It’s not just that pens are still used in 2020; just think of how often you end up in possession of someone else’s pen—when you didn’t intend on that happening. You can intentionally “allow your leads to steal from you,” and by doing so, they’ll constantly be in possession of pens that market your brand.

3. Postcards

The secret to making postcards work as marketing material is in their preservability. We all love to hold and keep postcards that have infectious messages on them. Whether it’s putting one on your fridge or a business partner’s desk, postcards have the potential to remain with us for a lifetime.

4. Newsletters

Newsletters, though popularized as a tool for digital marketing, are effective when sent directly to your consumer’s doorstep. Marketing through direct mail gives you the advantage of “breaking the norm.” Use printed newsletters in order to stand out if your industry primarily uses this material online.

5. Business Cards

Expect business professionals to request that you visit their websites or SM accounts, but many of them might forget how effective business cards are. People still carry cash and can, therefore, carry your contact info right in their wallets without any hassle. You just need to decide on a look that you’re happy with; then, print it out on roughly 1,000 cards.