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Startups are reaching 1 billion dollar valuations quite rapidly now. Many new startups with little revenue are getting sky-high valuations as investors are betting big bucks on future growth. While valuations don’t mean what they used to, there are still plenty of up-and-coming startups that are worth paying attention to.


Embark Veterinary is a company based in Boston that targets dog owners. With nearly 50 million households having a dog, that is a massive market. The startup sells DNA test kits that cost between $129 to $199 that let dog owners find out their pets’ genetics and health background. They have tested over a million dogs since 2015, and their revenue is projected to be over 70 million dollars in 2021.


Notarize is a generic name, but it is a company that has enormous potential. It offers great convenience to regular people as well businesses that need notarization services. Notarize can be a game-changer in notarization because it provides remote notarization services via the internet and a computer. By offering identity verification tools and the ability to connect with a notary remotely, people can have documents notarized without traveling to see a notary in person. Legislative changes around the country allowing online remote notarization should help this company grow even further in the future.


Headway is a company that blends technology and healthcare. The founder saw a problem with mental health treatment. He realized that most mental health therapists did not accept health insurance. This led to many people avoiding the help of a therapist because they could not afford to see one. Headway matches patients with therapists, and it also takes care of insurance billing and administrative support. A win-win situation is created for all the parties involved.


Mati is a company that attempts to make online identity verification easier and faster, especially in developing countries. It does this by aggregating dozens of data points to verify the online identity of a person. Online identity verification is vital for people to book hotels, conduct financial transactions, and access services such as online car rentals. While this company attempts to target the developing world, it should not be overlooked as a company with huge potential growth and revenue in the future.