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Building an inclusive and diverse workforce is more challenging if you’re already established and your business is fully staffed. However, if you’re just starting a business or have multiple openings, it becomes much easier to build a diverse team that works well together. This guide can help you keep your business staffed with an inclusive and diverse group of workers.

Start at the Beginning

When you start a business, you’ll get plenty of requests from people you know who want positions in your organization. However, if you want a diverse workforce, you’ll have to distance your business from that standard practice. Instead, develop a recruitment system that focuses on hiring people from different cultures and backgrounds. If you implement this strategy from the very beginning, you’ll always have the diversity you want to see in your organization.

Network With Specialized Groups

There are specialized groups in every industry that work towards creating better opportunities for women, the disabled, people of color, and other types of minority groups. You can network with them online, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. This will help you offer your support, get involved in events, and notify their members when there is an opening in your organization.

Broaden Job Requirements

While an open position within your organization may require a specific skill set, consider the possibility that applicants can acquire those skills in a number of different ways. This will help you open the position to a broader number of job seekers. Often, people belonging to minority groups may have acquired the desired skills without meeting the educational or employment history requirements that you traditionally seek in candidates. By broadening your expectations, you’ll get a more diverse pool of talent from which you can choose.

Standardize the Hiring Process

In general, you should create a standard interviewing process that doesn’t allow for deviation. When interviewers can add their own questions or change the conditions of the hiring process, hiring a diverse selection of qualified candidates becomes less likely. You should create a fair recruitment process and ensure it’s strictly followed to give every applicant equal chances for getting any position.

These steps can help you create and maintain a diverse workforce. Once you implement a strategy for creating diversity in your business, it will create a standard that will ensure a fairer hiring process. This will help you find good quality candidates, while also helping your business become more inclusive.