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Every successful business, organization, or group is built off of having a strong infrastructure and a cohesive team. Leaders are given this responsibility among many other duties. When a team is operating at its peak and optimum, it is an unstoppable force. Leaders can create unstoppable teams by focusing on the following techniques and instilling these values into their colleagues:

Open Communication

Every team member should feel comfortable enough to voice their own opinions and views even if those views are very different compared to the general census. When a team has people who think outside the box, there is more that can be addressed because these individuals see perspectives that the majority may not be privy to. Thus, a leader should encourage critical thinking and listen to any constructive criticism that may challenge their views. This brings some of the more overlooked issues to the forefront and allows the team to devise a plan for potential calamities or take preventative measures for projected liabilities. Everyone should refrain from using semantics when having these discussions and push to be more open-minded.

Proper Delegation

An unstoppable team can be built by proper delegation. What this means is that each person is assigned their tasks appropriately based on their level of experience and skill set. People should never be given projects that are too difficult or too easy. Everyone has their specialty, industry, and skill. A leader must take the time to get to know their teammates in order to match people to their corresponding jobs. This lessens any pressure, burnout, apprehension, stress, and confusion. It also allows for better quality work production and boosts employee morale. Self-efficacy is increased as time management is also improved.


Getting caught up in pride, notoriety, or any ego-driven desire is what makes a lot of businesses fail. Each individual shouldn’t be seen as any more important than the other. Everyone should feel appreciated and know that their contribution to the team is just as needed as the next person. One way leaders can inspire their team to practice humility is simply through leading by example. Leaders can demonstrate humility among their team by doing the following:

  • Empower everyone in the team.
  • Don’t play the blame game.
  • Take accountability when a mistake is made.
  • Practice empathy.