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Your brand is the story around your ecommerce shop. It’s also the culture. It sets your shop apart from other businesses. For customers, this means they wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else because what they get from your online store is a unique experience.

Branding creates a customer experience worth coming back for.

Online shops that do this well see loyal customers that return regularly. This isn’t magic. It doesn’t happen by accident.

How do the best shop owners create such an experience?

Know How To Best Serve Your Unique Audience

Who are you trying to reach? Great brands will be run by people who know and understand their niche. One way to go about getting a clear picture of who your audience is, is to create an avatar for that customer.

For example, your ideal customer may be a thirty-five year old woman. She lives in the midwest and spends her evenings knitting. During the day, she works in the IT department of a school. She makes sixty thousand dollars a year and spends approximately a hundred dollars a month on knitting supplies. She enjoys purchasing them from online stories that share her silly personality and appreciation of weird patterns.

Yes, you want to know your avatar this well. Creating an ecommerce brand isn’t about serving everyone, it’s about serving your niche with something they can’t find anywhere else. Your avatar may evolve over time as you better understand your audience. That’s good. Start with the best avatar you can from what you currently know, and create a brand that speaks to them.

What does your customer avatar look for when choosing a shop? Would they find value in the newsletter you’re about to send out? Do they like pun jokes? What do they find value in?

Stay Active Online With Quality Content

You need both quality and quantity when it comes to your online presence. You should actively be posting things that serve value to your customers and speak to your brand. Ideally, when your customers are scrolling through their feed, they will be looking out for your posts. It will become an important part of their online experience. And, as they are scrolling, they will recognize that a post must have come from you even without checking your userpic.

This is a tall order, but it’s one that makes you truly a part of your customers’ day to day lives.

Start small and build. Pay attention to your stats so you can see what your audience responds best to and then give them more of that.

Create A Sense of Community Around Your Brand

This can be done through engaging with your social media followers, creating a distinct voice that your audience feels a part of, and by giving them things to feel like they are a part of.

Giveaways get people to participate and become fun events.

You can use hashtags to create fun online events that your customers can participate in.

The more you engage with your followers, the more ideas you’ll get for how to accomplish this.