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From social media to eCommerce sites, there are plenty of opportunities for consumers to provide feedback to their favorite brands and commercial businesses. In addition to providing these opportunities to your customers, it’s equally important to read the feedback that you are receiving. While some negative reviews may be irrational or based on isolated incidences, you’ll find that many customers are offering insights that can benefit your business.


Pay Attention to Wording

When you read the feedback submitted to your business, pay attention to the language your customers use. This can help you modify your marketing to improve its impact. Often, consumers have words for products that are different from the wording you use in keyword phrases and product descriptions. You can improve your marketing ROI by replacing those words that your customers use more commonly.


Improve Your Business

When you find negative feedback, look at the meaning behind the words. Even a customer who clearly seems irate may have a good reason for leaving an irrational message. You can address larger issues with your products or customer service by trying to address the concerns of one or two customers. This doesn’t mean you should follow every demand made by your customers, but you should consider whether or not they’re making a valid point. If you do agree with their criticism, look for ways to improve that aspect of your business.


Share Positive Reviews

You can help build a more positive brand image for your business with the positive reviews left by your customers. Use snippets from reviews and emails that praise your products or quality of customer service. You can also tag each customer when you share their review. That will encourage them to leave more reviews, and they will share your content with their own followers. As you gain new followers, they will also see the positive reviews you shared. This will encourage them to try your products in the future.


When you do use the feedback that your customers provide, you should take the time to acknowledge their contributions. When you interact with your customers, you’ll help them feel appreciated. You’ll also be encouraging them to interact with your business more frequently, and that will help you build a more positive brand image.