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There aren’t a lot of reasons to be positive when one looks back at the year 2020. However, there is one good takeaway that many of those in the digital field can take from last year. The COVID-19 pandemic put the quality of the latest software technology solutions to the ultimate test. Corporations and businesses had no other choice but to embrace digital platforms no matter what. 

There are many digital platforms that have managed to become a catalyst for bringing the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront in this season. One can expect more interesting things to take place in 2021. Without further ado, here are the startup trends that one can expect for this year. 

For this year, one can expect to see more IPOs in the European technological sector. Last year, the IPO trend was thriving with regards to the U.S sector. The initial public offerings of companies such as Airbnb and Doordash spearheaded a trend in which U.S IPOS ended up raising hundreds of billions of dollars last year.

Now, there are IPOs such as Darktrace that are scheduled to list in the continent of Europe. The rise of the IPO trend in Europe will build confidence in the startup sector by institutions such as pension funds and companies that specialize in insurance. 

Another trend that is set to make its way to the forefront in 2021 is sustainable investing. There is a growing trend in considering companies that are best suited to solve the environmental problems of this planet. Of course, these companies should not only serve the purpose of benefiting the environment. They would have to be worth the return on investment. One sustainable investment that is poised for success is Climatetech. This investment is poised to succeed due to Climatetech 2.0 and its prowess as a significant upgrade in terms of its approach to an environmental solution.

With all the changes that have taken place, international supply chains have had a rough go of it. Thus, supply chain startups are poised to take advantage of this from a competitive standpoint. For example, Compliant is a supply chain startup that ensures that compliance is enhanced through the means of artificial intelligence.