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Each entrepreneur is primarily concerned with the success of his own business, but that doesn’t mean the business won’t make things better for future start-up businesses. In fact, there are several business that are successful and have produced products, services, or strategies that new entrepreneurs can use to help their own business succeed.


You may not know the name, but you’re familiar with at least one of their products. They’re responsible for giving the world WordPress. They have also developed an interactive blog, which is similar to a social media platform, that helps their remote workers stay in touch with one another. In addition to making business-related meetings more productive, the blog is used to promote team building and stress reducing activities, including chair yoga, coloring sessions, and book clubs.


The services that Buffer provides are designed to help businesses manage their social media accounts more efficiently. What happens behind the scenes at this company is even more revolutionary, because their practices help remote employees get the most out of every day. They allow their remote workers to set their own hours and choose their own projects, which results in increased productivity across the board. Additionally, they don’t restrict where a remote employee can work, so their tasks can be done from the beach, or from their favorite cafe.


This start-up found success in the automation software they developed and continue to refine. Their software allows professionals to automate their workflow, so they can be more productive and complete tasks faster. The software also lets the user incorporate the functions of multiple apps into it, so the experience of each user is unique. How well it functions will depend on the apps that are used in conjunction with it.


Here is an app that designers can use to realize their visions and create virtual prototypes. As impressive as that service has become, it’s the treatment of their remote workers that really helps them standout. Every remote professional on their staff gets full benefits, including health insurance and free gym memberships. Their philosophy is that a workforce that’s social and healthy will produce the best results.

These are just a few of the ways that tech start-ups are helping other businesses evolve their practices. This is especially important as more and more industries turn to remote work whenever possible. While some jobs can’t be delegated to remote employees, those that can are more efficiently performed with the use of these tech tools and practices.