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Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting changes to our economy, there has been a great emphasis on technological advancement in the past year. The changes that have resulted are continuing to evolve and even more innovations are on the way. The goal is to make life easier for people of all walks of life, whether that means making it easier to become an entrepreneur or simplifying the ability to work more efficiently.


Say Goodbye to Coding

The digital community is expected to bound forward in a major way as the last remnants of coding is pushed out of the way. Initially, users who wanted to build a website, create a graphic, or share a sound byte had to know something about computer coding. That remained true until very recently. Already, there are apps that help users modify and curate their content without having to learn HTML and other types of coding. In the coming year, this will be one of the tech trends expected to continue. More apps will hit the market to help users create and modify their content without having to know the simplest coding tricks.


Remote Work is Here to Stay

Even before the pandemic, remote work was a growing trend with millions of people already taking advantage of this opportunity. As the pandemic forced many more employers to consider this option, it was found to be a cost-saving way to conduct business. Since workers and the employers find remote work or a hybrid of remote and in-office work to be appealing, the tech industry is expected to offer more ways to make these options more possible.


Agtech and Biotech

Smart technology is being adapted for specific uses in the fields of agtech and biotech, helping the industries of agriculture and healthcare to advance. In both industries, the focus of technology is in monitoring to ensure better care is taken. In biotech, monitoring is used to help individuals maintain better control over their medical conditions and overall health. In agtech, monitoring is used to help farmers and other businesses in agriculture to take better care of crops, land, and livestock.


There are more anticipated innovations expected to trend in the coming year as technology helps us answer how to best return to our normal routines. This means reaching more consumers, working more efficiently in nontraditional roles, and even making it easier to build an online brand. In fact, every aspect of commercial and personal life will be improved with the innovations expected to hit the market in the coming 12 months.