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Most leaders possess numerous positive attributes. Strength, decisiveness, compassion, intelligence and effective communication skills are merely a handful of traits noted executives demonstrate. However, sometimes overlooked is the ability and willingness to make sacrifices. In many instances, an efficient leader will be expected to make the following offerings:


Arguably, the most valuable commodity anyone possesses is time. For an executive, such facts are true many times over. An effective leader must give up much of their spare time to ensure that all aspects of the operation they manage runs smoothly and efficiently.

Talented Employees

Quite often, executives must part with talented employees, Watching gifted and productive subordinates is difficult and sometimes costly. However, trusted and reputable leaders understand that such individuals have proven their worth and have earned the opportunity to better themselves by pursuing more fruitful opportunities.


Many accomplished persons like business executives possess a high personal opinion of themselves. That said, efficient leaders check their ego at the door. Such individuals comprehend that a bloated personal opinion of oneself could turn their subordinates off, lead to dislike and resentment and threaten overall productivity levels.

Questionable Vices

Even the most successful people possess certain questionable vices. However, these bad habits may not only threaten personal relationships but diminish one’s productivity capabilities. Ergo, accomplished leaders realize they can never display shady qualities. Bad habits can spread like bacteria and, if employees see their leaders demonstrating questionable vices, they are more likely to follow such examples.

The Inability To Listen

It goes without saying that most executives are intelligent, accomplished individuals who possess superior knowledge about their given industry. That said, no one knows everything. Noteworthy leaders immediately kick the inability to listen. A willingness to absorb the words offered by subordinates, colleagues, other industry members and customers might yield solutions to problems or help identify methods of increasing productivity.


Granted, leaders are supposed to lead. However, good leaders realize the importance of occasionally loosening the grip on unnecessary authority. Successful executives possess the ability to display their authority without resorting to actions like screaming, debasing or insulting their subordinates.

Pre-Conceived Notions

Many people possess biases about other people and circumstances. While holding pre-conceived notions is often a learned trait and does not render an individual bad, such attitudes can bring their leadership abilities into question. Effective leaders understand the value of hearing different perspectives and ideas.